" The Art of Andy Boldt "

Andy (Andrea) Boldt has been born in Leipzich, Germany, in 1965.

Growing up living with her grandparents,
her father being a photographer,
her grandfather being a professional opera performer,
Andy was familiar with arts and performing from a very early age on.

Andy started with classical ballet at the age of only three years old, and started to paint at the age of five!
Andy Boldt competed in drawing and art contests with much succes, from her school days on.

From childhood on and up until today, painting, music, 'oriental' and animals are keys in her life. At the age of 17, Andrea got her first Afghan Hound. Since then, she has never been without Afghan Hounds! Andy is owned by Siamese Cats as well.

Currently, Andy has a small scale Afghan Hound breeding kennel, but above all, Andy's animals are her beloved pets and companions.

Over the years, painting has become more and more important to Andy. Her painting started as a passionate hobby, but has become more and more professional.

Andy has exhibited some of her work at local and regional galleries, and recently, Andy won the annual E.A.A. Award!

Andrea Boldt developed her own and very recognizable style over the years.

The style in
which she paints,
is a mixture of
realism and impressionism.
In her most recent work, aspects of 'trompe l'oeil' ("misleading the eye") can also been seen.

Andrea uses
warm and rich
colors to
paint in.

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