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Often misspelled as Retreiver, Retreivers, Retriver, Retrivers, Retiever, Retievers, Labrodor, Labrodors, Labador, Labadors, Labordor, Labordors, and Labardor, or Labardors.
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The Labrador Retriever Shop
An online store e-specially for Lab fanciers
Labrador Art, Gifts and Collectibles
Lab Gifts and Collectibles, Merchandise, Products, Gift Items. Black, Yellow, Chocolate Labs, Adult Dogs and Puppies
Featured Items: The Labradar, Labrodor, Labador, Retriver, Retrivers, Retiever, Retievers, Retreiver, Retreivers, Retrievr, Retrievrs, Retrievers, Retiever, Retievers, and Labs.

Labradors and Christmas!

more than 300 Labrador Retriever Holiday Cards and Decorations!
Our Lab Retrievers and Christmas Section offers more than 300 Labrador Holiday items. Labrador Retriever Christmas cards, Tree Toppers, X-Mas ornaments, Stockings,...
Click here to browse our Labrador Retriever Christmas collection
Labrador Retriver, Retrivers
Lab Gifts and Collectibles, Merchandise, Products, Gift Items. Black, Yellow, Chocolate Labs, Adult Dogs and Puppies
labrador retriever

Lab Calendars !

The new collection of Labrador Retriever Calendars has arrived! You can choose from many different ones - Black Labs, Chocolate Labs, Yellow Labs, Labrador Retriever puppies or adult dogs.
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yellow labrador retriever happy birthday card
Labrador Retriever Greeting Cards birthday cards, thank you, sympathy and get well cards, blank cards, ...
More than 400 (!) Labrador cards to choose from
in our Lab Greetings category!
black labrador retriever puppy

Labrador Retriever Art Prints and Paintings
More than 750 Labrador art prints, posters and paintings to choose from!
Our Labrador Art section has 4 pages. Choose one of the links below please
yellow labrador retreivers
Black, Yellow and Choclate Labrador Retrievers, Labs. Gifts - puppy, puppies and adult dogs. Misspellings: Retreiver, Retreivers, Retievers, Retiever. Labrodor, Retrievrs, and Retrievr.

Labs in your Kitchen!

Cookie jars, soap dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, cutting boards, mugs, more, ... Labs to brighten up your kitchen, your dinnertable, and your bathroom!
Click here to see our amazing collection of Lab Kitchenware!
More than 200 different Labrador kitchen and bathroom accessories!
Black, Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Labs. Gift items - puppy, puppies and adult dogs - Labrador Retrievers! Labrador Retriever is often misspelled: Labador, Retiever, Retievers, Retreiver, Retreivers, Retriver, Retrivers, Labrodor, Labradar, ...

Wonderful Throw by artist Jim Killen

A family of Labradors. Made In America, enjoy this beautifully detailed tapestry woven throw blanket. It is 100% cotton and measures 52" x 69."
Click here for details and/or to see our large collection of Labrador throws, blankets and pillows
More than 50 products in our category Labrador soft decor!

labrador retriever

Training Your Labrador Retriever

by September B. Morn, Pam Tanzey (Illustrator). Virtually every aspect of training is covered, including housebreaking and paper training, basic obedience, teaching the animal to obey both verbal commands and hand signals, retrieving, and walking on a leash. Also covered are humane methods of breaking a dog's bad habits, such as begging, jumping on people, unnecessary barking, and biting or showing other forms of aggressive behavior. The typical Labrador Retriever is relatively easy to train. The author takes readers step-by-step through her method, which emphasizes positive reinforcement. Filled with instructive full-color photos. Paperback, 176 pages.
Shipping: Worldwide
Price: $11.95 $9.56 *
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Black Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Labs. Labrador Gifts - puppy, puppies and adult dogs. In this store you'll find Labrador Retriever merchandise, products, collectibles, gifts, accessories. Labrador Retriever Stuff!

For winter or summer - Labs around your house!

Our outdoor decor section offers Lab garden sculptures, mailboxes, garden statues, flags and windsocks, a Lab shoe brush, weathervanes, windchimes, address markers ... Celebrate the season and "plant" Labs around your house!
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Black Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Labs. Gifts - puppy, puppies and adult dogs
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Black, Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Labs, Labrador Gifts, Labrador Stuff

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